Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba

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The Treble Kalimba comes in the key of G, with 17 notes starting on the 3rd (B) and going up 2.5 octaves to a D. This model has been extensively copied by other manufacturers outside of Africa. The Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba is a superior musical instrument with level tines that rarely give you problems.

Tine colors may vary depending on what our supplier has available (blue, red, green, white or unpainted).

Our store owner David Eisner chose Hugh Tracey Kalimbas as one of his Staff Picks! He says: "One of my favorite instruments in the shop are The Hugh Tracey Kalimbas (either Alto or Treble). They fill the needs from 1) "My friend is not that musical but I would like to encourage them to play something" to 2) "I have been incorporating different sounds and textures into my music and this opens up new possibilities." The late Dr. Hugh Tracey was a celebrated, lettered South African ethnomusicology professor. He stood in opposition of his government’s apartheid policy and employed Bantu tribesmen to produce the instruments. His sons, Andrew and Paul, keep the business going in the present day. Two models: the 15 note Alto in G and the 17 note Treble in G - both instruments hold their tunings well and can be tuned other keys.