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The Renn Fest Collection

House of Musical Traditions is excited to be returning to the Maryland Renaissance Festival! Here is a collection of items that you will find for sale at our booth there. Used items, and new items we only have one of, can be brought back to our Takoma Park store to be picked up there (or shipped) - but expect a few days wait. If you are visiting the booth and are interested in purchasing other items we carry that you don't see here, contact us and we may be able to have them sent out to the booth.

Some details to know about the festival:
- It runs weekends (plus Labor Day Monday), August 28 through October 24th.
- Tickets are ONLY available for purchase online this year, not at the gate. Purchase at
- The festival does not have a mask mandate, though it is recommended that unvaccinated people wear a mask. Individual vendor booths are setting their own mask policies. At HMT's booth, masks will be required if you want to browse beyond the front counter and try out instruments. Many other booths will be requiring masks to enter.