Realist SoundClip Pickup for Bass RLSTSC

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This pickup mounts directly on the foot of the bass bridge without having to lift the bridge or do anything special. For this reason, it's also a great pickup for the classical/symphony bassist that needs a pickup on their bass once in a while, without the hassle of installing or un-installing it. Easy on, easy off!

  • PORTABLE SOUND: The Realist SoundClip is great for bassists who do not want a pickup on their bass when they are playing acoustically while its innovative variable weight system can increase electronic efficiency and absorb unwanted wolf tones.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The SoundClip, made from durable solid brass, easily clamps to the instrument’s bridge without marking or damaging it. No adapters are needed and can be used with any amplifier with a ¼” jack.
  • VOLUME CONTROL: SoundClip conveniently features an on-board volume knob that is not found on most pickups enabling bassists to adjust output at any time.
  • MINIMAL DESIGN: The Realist Soundclip’s low-profile amplifies your bass without sacrificing its aesthetics or playability. It is always ready to amplify with no batteries or charging required.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: The Realist SoundClip pickup technology enables any double bass to experience the signature Realist Sound. Endorsed by artists world-wide, Realist products provide years of pro-level and reliable service.