HMT Lessons Space

HMT's Lessons Space

This page describes how to access our lessons space, which is in the building next door to our shop. If you are attending a group workshop held at HMT, or have set up private lessons with one of our recommended teachers who teaches at HMT, this is where you will go.

For directions/GPS purposes, use our store address: 7010 Westmoreland Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912. You may park anywhere in the lot behind our shop, which is at the top of the steep driveway to the right of our building. Parking is free in this lot.

As you face the back (main entrance) of our shop from the parking lot, walk up the ramp to the left. 

Enter through this door, which is also the back entrance of Ace Hardware. Note: if you are walking to our lessons space (from the Metro, for example), you may enter Ace Hardware through their main Carroll Avenue entrance (if they are open), and walk through the store to the back, which will bring you here. 

As you enter the lobby, you will see this door on the left, which has a keypad next to it. You will be provided with the code to enter on the keypad if you are taking a lesson or workshop, which will buzz open the door. We post a monthly calendar on this door, which shows you which teachers are in which rooms (E2, E3 and E4). 

After buzzing open the door, walk up this flight of stairs. If going to room E2, turn right. If going to E3 or E4, turn left.

Other notes:

  • Restrooms are located downstairs, off of the lobby (in the hallway leading to Ace Hardware). They require keys to enter, which are in each of the lessons rooms.
  • If you arrive early for your lesson or workshop, it is best to wait downstairs in the lobby until your class time. The hallway upstairs is fairly narrow and is not as comfortable of a waiting area.


    If you have any questions about our lessons space, please feel free to contact us. If it is during store hours, our staff will be glad to assist you if you're not sure where to go.

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