Alacran NAL-3412-DLX Deluxe GCF Button Accordion

Sale price $ 979.00 Regular price $ 1,595.00

An upgraded 34-button version of Alacran's very popular AL-3112 which has 31 buttons, this accordion comes with optional bass reeds. It comes with a deluxe bellows protector pad for maximum bellow protection, a deluxe fully adjustable bass side strap, a deluxe custom fitted Italian design plywood case, and a pair of Alacran premium accordion straps.


  • 34 Buttons (12 Bass Buttons) & No Switch
  • Diatonic, Available in Sol/GCF, Fa/FBE, and Mi/EAD
  • Smooth Soft Playing Noise-Free Fingerboard
  • Deluxe Back Pad & Adjustable Side Strap
  • Deluxe Padded Straps w/ Harness
  • Includes Bass Reeds, Deluxe Case, & Straps w/ Harness