D500 Hammered Dulcimer by Dusty Strings

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  • 3 octaves overall range
  • solid sapele soundboard and back
  • traditional 5th-interval tuning
  • fully chromatic
  • 16/15 configuration with a 3 course superbass bridge
The mid-size member of our Chromatic Series. The sound is rich and deep. Its full range is three octaves, D3 through E6. It is built with the same body as the D550; the only difference is that the D550 has an extended superbass bridge.

C500 case available separately.
Includes large double-sided hammers, gooseneck tuning wrench and owner's guidebook

Additional variants and options available - contact us for custom orders including curling maple finish workabalone inlay, black soundboard, dampers and more!

This item is available by special order, with a current lead time of approximately 2-3 months.

The Chromatic Series
Chromatic hammered dulcimers may be the best choice for those whose musical interests require lots of sharps and flats. Dusty Strings Chromatic Series dulcimers are highly regarded, sophisticated, professional-caliber instruments. This does not mean you have to be a professional to play one. Anyone whose budget and desire permits will thoroughly enjoy owning one of these models. Time-tested and road-worthy, the Chromatic Series dulcimers have a sound quality that is unrivaled, singing with articulate clarity and power at any volume level.

The tuning scheme is a variation of traditional 5th-interval tuning. The chromatic notes either replace duplicated notes or are added via extra bridges. A player accustomed to the traditional tuning will find it easy to adapt to this versatile tuning. With the chromatic capability, musical styles such as classical, ragtime, bluegrass, jazz and rock can be more thoroughly explored on the hammered dulcimer.

Designed in collaboration with Sam Rizzetta, a highly respected designer, builder and player of hammered dulcimers since the 1960s, they have his signature asymmetrical design, which places the treble bridge perpendicular to the strings for ease of playing. The internal bracing system is more elaborate and sophisticated than our other models and, combined with the all solid wood construction, gives our chromatic dulcimers a resonance, clarity and depth of tone that is unrivaled. Dampers are a popular option for controlling and finessing the inherent sustain, especially in the bass range.

The single sound hole is decorated with a hand-carved maple leaf insert, a signature feature of our chromatic line. Contrasting solid-wood binding and delicate multi-layered veneers called purfling add a professional finish detail to the soundboard.