Evans Strad Copy 4/4 Violin (used)

Regular price $ 800.00

This was a "violin in the white" (could have been Chinese or European made), finished at Evans Violins in Arlington, VA in 1993. It has a 2-piece back of tight curl descending slightly from center, matching ribs and neck, ebony fittings, composite adjustable tailpiece, amber varnish, and is fully blocked.

Our senior luthier did a full setup, including conditioning fingerboard, adjust pegs, nut, end pin, tailpiece, set soundpost, refit bridge, refit existing Dominant strings. A thorough cleaning/polishing with some finish retouching was also done.

Lightweight oblong case, Brazilwood octagonal bow (R. A. Meine) and rosin are included. Shipping is $50 within the continental US.