Gold Tone OB-150 Orange Blossom 5-String Banjo

Sale price $ 1,199.99 Regular price $ 1,599.99

"Pre-war" style, at a price anyone can afford, AND authentic tone and superb playability describe the OB-150. This Bluegrass banjo sports a three-ply maple rim and one-piece flange (just like the megabucks originals), a maple neck inlayed in authentic style, a brass flathead tone ring and a smooth satin finish. The OB-150 is professionally set up in Gold Tone's Florida shop and comes with TRANSFERRABLE lifetime warranty.

Hard case included.

- GT Planetary tuners
- 1 3/16" Zero Glide nut
- Rosewood fingerboard
- Vintage pearloid inlay
- Two way adjustable truss rod
- Maple neck
- One-piece cast flange
- 11" 3-ply maple rim
- 14" maple resonator
- chrome hardware
- 11" brass flat-top tone ring
- 26 1/4" scale length