How To Play Diatonic Button Accordion

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Three volumes available, each includes CD.

In How to Play Diatonic Button Accordion Volume One, Henry Doktorski taught the basic techniques of playing the one-row Italian-style squeezebox: playing in first position, two bellow directions, left-hand accompaniment and playing in second position. We learned the pitches from low sol up to do more than an octave higher. We learned to play bass & chords together as well as separately, including alternating basses. We learned some solo passages in the left hand and played two dozen different pieces including bugle calls, nursery rhymes, folk tunes from many different nationalities including a classic song by Stephen Foster.

In How to Play Diatonic Button-Accordion * Volume Two with CD, Henry Doktorskiwill teach you the third, fourth, fifth and sixth positions; essentially acquainting you with the entire range of the one-row button-accordion from low sol to high mi: a span of twenty different pitches, including two sharps or flats. With these additional notes you will be able to play more complex music, such as elaborate folk music from the United States, Scotland, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Israel. Volume Two published by Santorella Publications,also includes Patriotic tunes, beloved Christian hymns, Polkas and a few popularChristmas carols.

Although the ability to read music is not required to study this method book, it would be helpful, if only to be able to readily discern when to change right hand positions. As the music becomes more complex, hand positions change more frequently. Contents includes:

Pitches of the Right Hand Diagrams of Left-Hand & Right-Hand Buttons Playing in Third Position Old Folks at Home Tzena, Tzena Old MacDonald Had A Farm Little Brown Jug My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean The Happy Wanderer I Wish I Was In Dixie Irish Washerwoman Playing in Fourth Position Silent Night Yankee Doodle Amazing Grace She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain, When She Comes Play in Fifth & Sixth Position Jingle Bells House of the Rising Sun Trink, Trink Londonderry Air Too Fat Polka O Sole Mio Hava Nagila Napoletana Tarantella Pennsylvania Polka

How to Play Diatonic Button-Accordion * Volume Three by Henry Doktorski teaches how to play the second row of buttons in the right-hand. This edition is a continuation of the lessons taught in volumes one & two. The one row button-box is more challenging to play due to the limitations of right-hand pitches & left-hand accompaniment. A button-box with two right-hand rows is much easier to play.