Incredibows for Violin and Cello

Regular price $ 125.00

These all-synthetic bows are handmade in Mountain View, AR. They have synthetic hair (vegan!) and a carbon fiber stick. There is no tension screw and the bows don't lose tension in hot/humid weather! They also do not need to be rehaired. Comparatively lightweight. Many violin players actually prefer the cello Incredibow as the weight is closer to a standard wood violin bow. These are bowed "outward" like a baroque bow.

"No Frills" bow has a plain carbon fiber stick. Other options have the stick wrapped in various colors/finishes (others are available by special order).

Our staff member Kristen says "I became an Incredibow convert a few years ago and have not gone back to using a regular cello bow since! They do have a different feel (much lighter weight) but I quickly got used to that. I love that the bow doesn't lose tension at outdoor gigs in hot/humid weather, and I've never lost a hair on one or needed to rehair!"