Jackie and Jack 30-button English Concertina

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The Jackie and Jack concertinas are designed and developed by The Concertina Connection, based in Washington state. They are manufactured in China, using partly European parts, and they are quality-checked multiple times by The Concertina Connection before shipping.

This is a great beginning English concertina that is much higher-quality than other Chinese-made concertinas on the market. They feature a traditional riveted action, normally only found in expensive handmade instruments. 6-fold bellows, traditional thumb straps, accordion-type steel reeds.

The Jackie is a treble (violin-range) instrument, fully chromatic. Black only, with white plastic buttons. Padded gig bag and tutorial written especially for this instrument are included!

The Jack model is a baritone range, 1 octave below the Jackie but the same size - same fingering and instructional book used.

We stock the Jackie regularly; the Jack is usually available by special order.