K&K Trinity Pro System (Mini for Steel String Guitar)

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This system includes the Pure Mini pickup for steel string guitar.

The Trinity System is a dual-source pickup/microphone systems with an external or internal dual-channel preamp for guitars and similar string instruments. They consist of:

  • Our award-winning Pure Pickup

  • The Trinity Microphone with integrated 5" gooseneck and 20-20.000 Hz frequency range

  • The Trinity Pro Preamp, 2-channel external preamp with adjustable gain-volume-bass-mid-treble for each channel & phase switch for the microphone channel

  • 6” stereo cable

The Trinity System delivers an even more authentic tone than the Pure Pickup alone. The microphone adds extra air and shimmer to the overall sound, which is very desirable for the purely acoustic guitarist. The mic can be mixed in as much or as little as the situation allows. As a general rule, the lower the stage volume, the more mic can be blended in. This system is great for home recordings too!

The external Trinity Pro Preamp allows for individual sound adjustment of the mic and pickup. It is built using K&K's "silent filter technology" and our full size component philosophy. We use full size capacitors and other parts because we find they sound better than the miniature components in most of our competitors' preamps. This little preamp is extremely versatile and powerful and features easily accessible volume controls and internally adjustable gain/EQ controls with +/- 20 dB bass, midrange and treble filters (trimpots) for each individual channel, plus a phase switch for the microphone channel.