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Medicine Wind Bamboo Flutes

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George Tortorelli has been making and playing bamboo flutes for over 30 years. He grows his own "long node" tropical bamboo (ideal for flutes) on his own land in Gainesville, Florida. If you are familiar with Patrick Olwell's and/or Billy Miller's bamboo flutes, these are of comparable quality, concert-tuned -- George used to supply Olwell with his bamboo when he was still making bamboo flutes. As a player, George has performed with artists such as Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Richie Havens, Pat Metheny, Michael Hedges, Tuck & Pattie, and more. More information: medicinewind.com

6-hole flutes (transverse/side-blown) are available in a range of keys. Don't see the key you need here? Please inquire; we may be able to special-order it. Low D is very popular with Irish/Celtic players. Most flutes are finished in a dark brown as pictured above. On pieces that display extraordinary natural markings or patterns, George may opt to leave them naturally finished. Please specify when you order if you have a preference.