Roosebeck Tuneable Mulberry Bodhran w/Dampening Ring 14 x 3.5

Regular price $ 95.00

• 14-Inch Goat Skin Head, Crisper Sound
• Solid Mulberry Frame
• Sleek Tuning on Inside of Frame
• Removable T-Bar for Better Control
• Comfort Cut-Out on 3.5-inch Deep Shell
• Includes Tipper, Fun to Play

Bodhran with dampening ring, 14" x 3.5" Tunable Inside, Mulberry removable T- bar. Bolt tuning is hidden on the inside of the frame. A Goatskin head is mounted a mulberry frame with natural finish. The dampening ring around rim reduces overtones. Features a black band around frame. Includes a tipper and a tuning wrench.