Sacred Forest Crystal Harp Meditation Chime, Ethereal C

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We fell in love with these crystal "harps," handmade of transparent quartz crystal by the Sacred Forest company in Poland! The sound is extraordinarily resonant and great for meditation or a unique tonal addition to your music. Each harp includes a deluxe padded carrying case, two mallets (we recommend playing only with the specially-designed mallets, or with your fingers), foldable stand and manual. Shipping (fully insured with sufficient safe cushioning) is $100 within the continental US. Buyers outside the continental US, please contact us for a ship quote before purchasing.

The Ethereal C model is tuned to 432 Hz, with 8 notes: C5, D5, E5, F5, G5, A5, H5, C6. Dimensions: 47 cm (18.5 inch) long and 54 cm (21.3 inch) wide.

The Crystal Harp is truly an exceptional instrument. When you play it, it feels as if you have an set of crystal bowls singing together, but with a richer, higher octave – a unique experience that fills the air with a charming melody.

Deep and resonant vibrations emerge from the Crystal Harp, harmonizing together in a soothing serenade. These sounds continue to ripple through the air, long after each note has been struck, creating a wonderful echo that beautifully modulates with each new tone.

The crystal harp is completely transparent. The body is made of acrylic, and all additional elements let the light through, which makes it feel more ethereal. The 8 melodic tubes are made of pure quartz crystal.

Ethereal C is a tonality of such unreal and unbelievable purity, like a morning swathed in dense fog. The sounds flowing from it are delicate and transparent, floating like dandelion fluff on a summer breeze. They evoke a blue sky full of clouds, a flight into the heavens, the uplifting of the soul towards the heights of the unfathomable. They meander in space, leading the listener into a state of lightness and boundless freedom.

Playing the harp:
Grasping it in your hands using the central handle, or placing it delicately on a stand – both ways make room for your creativity to flourish.

There are numerous ways to make the harp sing its crystalline song. You might choose to tap it gently with sticks or, for a more intimate connection, you can strum the tubes lightly with your fingers, each nail’s touch creating a unique note.

A different acoustic effect can be achieved by delicately gliding your damp hands along the tubes. This causes the harp to hum with a sound that seems to bloom from within, enveloping your senses in a wholly new experience.

Adding to the enchantment, moving the harp gently from side to side as you play invites the sounds into an additional, captivating modulation, further deepening the connection between you and your Crystal Harp.