The Waltz Book II

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As recommended by our teacher Tom EspinolaWaltz Book II was published in 1995, with 23 more tunes than the first book. A few of these are more challenging waltzes. As with the first book, the tunes are arranged alphabetically for quick access during gigs. Both include brief stories from the composers and/or information about the source of the tune.

74 beautiful waltzes, including:

Bare Necessities — Pat Shaw
Un Canadien Errant
Vals Aldor
Soir et Matin
The White Rose
Late Summer Waltz
Mountain House — Jay Ungar
Chocolate Heart — Andre Marchand
Return to the Brandywine — Russ Barenberg
The Dancer — Larry Unger
Dragonfly Waltz — Daniel Steinberg
Jessy's Waltz — Marcel Messervier
Larry's Waltz — Bob McQuillen
Midwinter Waltz — Dave Richardson
The Spring Morning — George Wilson
Waltzing with You — Molly Mason
Vals d'Hiver — Danielle Martineau
Vals Phillipe — Gilles Losier