Trinity College TM-375 Bouzouki

Sale price $ 949.00 Regular price $ 1,295.00

  • Solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides, flat back
  • Fancy binding, engraved tailpiece
  • Soundhole border inlay, Fleur de Lis headstock inlay

Trinity College 8-string Irish bouzoukis are generally tuned G-D-A-E (low to high), one octave below a mandolin, or in similar tunings. The short scale bouzouki, or octave mandolin, comes with all 4 string pairs tuned to unison pitches. This long neck comes with high octave strings on the G and D pairs (similar to the setup of a 12-string guitar), though either instrument can be strung either way**. They are both very nice entry level instruments, made with all solid woods.

26 and 3/8-inch neck. Generally a hard case is included, but this can sometimes change depending on availability from our supplier.

**Looking for replacement strings for this instrument? Check out our custom set here! Or the John Pearse bouzouki set