Troublesome Creek Uncle Ed ED-1 Lap Dulcimer

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Troublesome Creek instruments are handmade in Hindman, KY. The company trains people in substance abuse recovery to become some of the best luthiers in the country. Using the finest in locally-sourced, Appalachian hardwoods, they create stunning instruments that are both tonally and environmentally excellent, while each sale contributes to the regrowth of our post-coal economy. When you purchase a Troublesome Creek instrument, you get more than a terrific handmade heirloom; you take ownership in a legacy that you helped build. Visit the Appalachian School of Luthiery at:

Celebrating 150 years! Originating in Knott County as early as 1871, the dulcimers of James Edward Thomas were unlike anything ever seen on the Cumberland frontier. An elegant, slender, three-stringed instrument; its lightness and angelic tone informed 20th century folk music from Jean to Joni. This icon is now available again, lovingly reproduced by mountain people with Appalachian tonewoods at our Hindman shop.

The ED-1 is a slightly modernized version of the original Uncle Ed Mountain Dulcimers. Featuring Wittner Finetune Geared tuners, which have the look and feel of a traditional tuning peg, but engineered with an internal 4:1 planetary gear giving a tremendous advantage in tuning ease and accuracy. Traditional French polish finish. Handmade green carrying bag included.

Currently in stock in solid walnut. 1 1/4" nut width, 28.75" scale length, 32.25" overall length.

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