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Please note: Leather items made in Europe may be in short supply and we have no control over price increases or changes in material from genuine leather to artificial (faux) leather.

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    Leather end straps and spine, with velour/velvet or imitation leather padding, made in Italy. Top quality. Sold only in pairs. Back straps, when present, are permanently attached. Shown: alligator finish straps with attached backstrap. Also available in plain and velvet.

    IMPORTANT Make sure your shoulder straps are the correct size, in good condition and properly adjusted. If they are slipping off your shoulders you will have shoulder pain from unconsciously shrugging them back into place.


      (widths are approximate)
    • Small -- for 12-bass accordions and button boxes, no padding, 1 inch wide
    • Medium -- for smaller accordions, light padding, 1.5 inches wide
    • Full -- for any size accordion, comfortable padding, 2 inches wide
    • Super Deluxe -- for any size accordion, heavy padding, 2.5 inches wide
    • Elephant 3-inch -- for larger accordion, extra heavy padding, 3 inches wide
    • Elephant #4 (3.5 inches) -- for larger accordion, extra heavy padding, 3.5 inches wide

    Here are rough guidelines for sizing straps:

    Accordion size 12 - 60 bass 60 - 120 ladies 120 full size
    Accordion weight 10 - 15 pounds 15 - 18 pounds 18 pounds and up
    Your height up to 5 feet 7 inches 5 feet 6 inches -
    5 ft 10 inches
    over 5 feet 6 inches
    Your weight up to 160 pounds up to 180 pounds over 180 pounds
    Recommended medium or full super deluxe elephant 3 or 3.5 inches

    Problems Fitting Straps to Vintage Accordions
    Modern accordions use a wheel mechanism to adjust the strap length. This is not always the case on vintage accordions, especially pre-WWII models. Here are some of the problems you may encounter with your accordion:

    • slot too narrow or too thin to fit modern straps
    • alternate means of adjusting strap length, often requiring a specific strap design
    • no adjusting method at all
    • existing thread on strap adjusting wheel may not match modern bass strap screws
      • if your new strap screw does not match the old thread, do not force it - this will only damage both parts.
      • modern replacement bass strap adjusting mechanisms are available on repair parts page. These will fit any of the bass straps we sell.

    About the straps we sell here
    Alligator finish is a special textured reptile skin simulation on black leather, which has the look associated with alligator purses or luggage, except it is figured leather. It is only available on the larger size straps, from full size up. The process of producing this finish is more costly than plain leather, so these straps are slightly more expensive - usually $8.00 more than the plain, velour, or alpine straps. The alligator straps are only available in black, and have a very nice, elegant look especially appealing to professional players. Their padding is velvet. (We are using the terms velvet and velour interchangeably).

    All of our shoulder straps are sold in pairs, one for each shoulder, and each strap in the pair has in 2 sections: the lower half is the leather part that has the large adjusting buckle to fit the player, and the upper half has the padding that goes over the player's shoulder.

    At the top of the upper section and the bottom of the lower section, there are plain leather ends with smaller adjusting buckles that attach to the strap hardware on the instrument. These ends are approximately 11/16-inch wide, about 1/8-inch thick, and rather stiff when new. They will wear soft and thinner with age but when first installed, they may not fit the old strap brackets on your accordion. Please check the size of your brackets before ordering. The crescent shaped strap brackets we sell will fit all of our strap ends.

    In between the plain leather parts of the upper section of the strap (bolted in place on Alpine straps), is the padding, which is widest at the point where it goes over the player's shoulders. The padding is fixed in place and does not slide up and down the strap while you are playing.

    On the non-Alpine straps, the leather center runs the length of the upper section, and the padding is stitched onto the underside of the leather. This padding can be covered with either plain imitation leather, or velour fabric. We find the velour tends to minimize slippage on sweaters and most shirt fabrics, as it has a corduroy nap to it. However, the plain imitation leather padding, with its conservative look, remains our most popular strap style.

    Alpine ribbon straps come only in two sizes: Super Deluxe and 3-inch Elephant. They do not come with an attached backstrap. In the center of the velour padding, running the length of the padding, on the outside so that it is visible when you are wearing the straps, there is a decorative ribbon sewn on. A narrow red zigzag cut felt border runs the length of the ribbon on either side, and the center of the ribbon is embroidered with white Edelweiss flowers and smaller red and blue flowers with yellow centers and green leaves on a black background - a typical Alpine decorative design. The straps are very festive. These straps are almost always available with black velour padding, and sometimes with other colors such as red or green.

    All sizes from Super Deluxe and up come with an attached back strap, with the exception of the Alpine straps. Back straps are permanently attached to the shoulder straps - they cannot be removed without cutting the leather or removing the bolts, and they do not slide up and down to different positions, although the length of the back strap is adjustable. If you need a back strap with adjustable positioning, it would be best for you to purchase a full size strap or an Alpine strap and get your back strap separately. Click on the image to see the latch mechanism full size.

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