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Accordion Shoulder Straps

Regular price $ 55.00

We are in the process of transitioning suppliers for our shoulder straps. The straps labeled Full & Super Deluxe are being phased out, but we do have a few left in stock. The #310, 315 and 320 straps are from our new supplier, and more options will be phased in as we sell through our older stock. See below for descriptions. 

High-quality black accordion shoulder straps, imported from Italy; sold in pairs. Leather buckled ends and spine. Full straps are available with Plain (imitation leather) padding or Velvet (textured velour) padding; Super Deluxe are currently available in Velvet. Many people like the velvet straps as they have a better "grip" on most shirt fabrics - however the velvet is not quite as durable as the Plain. See below for more sizing information.

Super Deluxe straps include a permanently attached back strap. 

#315: Small, unpadded straps for 12-bass accordions & button boxes. 1-inch wide, up to about 40 inches long; no padding.

#3101.5 inches wide, lightly padded with imitation leather. Good for medium to lightweight full-size accordions. We generally stock the "Ladies" size of these straps (right strap is adjustable from 35.25" to 41.25", left strap is adjustable from 32.5" to 39"). Small and Full-size versions of these straps are available by special order, if you need a shorter or longer length.

Full: for any size accordion. 2 inches wide, up to 43 inches long, comfortable padding.

Super Deluxe: for any size accordion. 2.5 inches wide, up to 47 inches long, heavy padding. Backstrap included.

#320: 3 inches wide with velvet padding. Good for larger accordions where you need a lot of support. These straps are only available in Full size (right strap is adjustable from 42.75" to 49.25", left strap is adjustable from left strap: adjustable from 38.75" to 45.25").

Straps in other colors such as red, white, blue and Alpine ribbon are available by special order (expect several weeks), as well as several other size & materials options. Please email us with your needs if you do not see what you're looking for listed here.