Nova High D Double Flute by High Spirits

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Our Double Flutes are as easy to play as our Single Flutes. With a double flute you play the melody on one side and the other side provides the drone in the root note of the flute - so it sounds like two people are playing!

This flute is the highest octave in the Pentatonic key of 'D' minor we make and can also be played in the Relative Major Diatonic scale in the key of 'F'. The dimensions for this flute are:  11-inches long (28 cm) by 2-inches wide (5 cm).

Our Nova double flutes are handcrafted from domestic Spanish Cedar, which is a softwood that gives them a warm, full musical voice. Our Double Flutes have two mouthpieces so you can play it as a double flute or a single flute instantly.