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Makala Dolphin Bridge Soprano Ukulele by Kala MK-SD

Sale price $ 59.00 Regular price $ 79.00

Our best-selling ukulele for the past several years - Makala has produced an inexpensive uke worthy of HMT's shelves! Even more advanced players don't mind having something like this hanging around - unlike most of the TOY ukes out there, the Makala MK series intonate correctly, hold their tuning, and are genuinely playable! Oh - and who can turn down a cheerful dolphin under their strings?!

Use the drop-down menu to view which colors we currently have in stock (if you select a color and it says "out of stock," we currently don't have that color). 

This uke comes with a soft fabric cover.

Also see Makala Shark UkulelesThe Shark ukes are mostly pastel tones and the Dolphins are more "vivid" colors.