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Makala Shark Ukuleles by Kala MK-SS

Sale price $ 49.99 Regular price $ 69.99

Our best-selling ukulele for the past several years - Makala has produced an inexpensive uke worthy of HMT's shelves! Even more advanced players don't mind having something like this hanging around - unlike most of the TOY ukes out there, the Makala MK series intonate correctly, hold their tuning, and are genuinely playable! Oh - and who can turn down a shark under their strings?!

Not all colors will be in stock! If you are flexible on colors, please use the "special instructions" section of your order to let us know your other color choices - or "any color is fine" works great for us! We can also substitute the Makala Dolphin ukes as another option.

This uke comes with a soft fabric cover.

Also see Makala Dolphin Ukuleles! The Shark ukes are mostly pastel tones and the Dolphins are more "vivid" colors.