Accordion Varieties Complete

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Accordion Varieties Complete is anassortment of original works by Helene Criscio which covers a variety of musical genres and styles to fulfill everyone’s desires. This fantastic collection from Santorella Publications, brings to life a body of work that identifies this“Westfield Legend” and is endorsed by her good friend, Myron Floren. Here is a listing of the titles to enjoy;


Alpine Rose • Amore Apassionata • An Angel’s Dream • Arpeggio Polka • At the Ski Race • Bouncing Polka • Blue Streak • Cutie Waltz • Espagna Alegre • Fireball Polka • Gliding Along • Happy Peasant • Jolly Mountaineer • Just Yodeling • Luciella • My Sweetheart’s Polka • Nanette • Paulette • La Perugina • Snowy Days • La Santarella • Swiss Sunshine • Tyrolean Echoes including an expanded section of Alpine Polka's & Waltzes for Accordion.