Chorded 12-Key Tongue Drum By Hardwood Music

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Always one of our most-admired products, when our employees were asked what their 3 favourite things were in the store, Erik put the tongue drums as his number 2 and Justin B. put these in his number 3 slot! We won't quote him, he was rather colourful on the subject.

One of the best-selling models! We normally stock the "Drumming In Memphis" tuning, a very versatile chorded "C" tuning. 18" long.

All Hardwood Music drums are handmade with a variety of beautiful woods. This drum is currently in stock in Bolivian Canarywood/Limba (first 7 photos show this current drum. Other photos are of previous models).

Here's a video of Michael Thiele (the maker) demoing one of these drums in our shop!