Fishman Jerry Douglas Signature Series Aura® Imaging Pedal

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Called “Dobro’s matchless contemporary master,” by The New York Times and lauded as “my favorite musician” by rock legend John Fogerty, Jerry Douglas could have been a musical innovator on any number of instruments. However, as a teenager, Douglas adopted the then relatively obscure and unexplored Dobro guitar. That decision has helped him carve out a unique place in American music where he has wielded incalculable influence on bluegrass and its many related genres.

The “JD” Signature pedal comes pre-loaded with 16 custom Aura Images created by Jerry Douglas, specifically for resophonic guitars.

Easy to set up and use, the Jerry Douglas Signature Aura Imaging Pedal removes the need to mic your instrument on stage, eliminating spurious stage noise and intrusive microphone setups. With the Jerry Douglas Signature Aura Imaging Pedal, you get the true, unique voice of your resophonic instrument, on stage or in the studio.

16 custom Fishman Aura Images created and used by Jerry Douglas specifically for resophonic guitars

Volume, Blend, and Image Select controls

Feedback-fighting Phase switch

Bypass/Mute foot switch

Input Trim with Clip/Low Battery indicator

24-bit A/D/A, 32-bit internal processing