Oasis Instrument Humidifiers

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Our favorite humidifiers to keep your wooden instrument safe! Made in the USA. Using distilled water is recommended. Oasis® humidifiers are a hollow multi-layer tube that holds more water than traditional absorbent-based humidifiers, which use a kitchen sponge material, floral foam or clay. The Humigel crystals used in the tube suspend water in a gel that prevents damaging leaks, but still allows for an effective, consistent supply of moisture for your instrument. Oasis® humidifiers work because of a thin membrane which lines the inside of the humidifier. The blue or khaki fabric is outside and a liner is on the inside. These liners works on a similar principle as the waterproof breathable material known as Gore-Tex®. Each humidifier comes with a 10cc syringe for ease in refilling.

OH-1 for Guitar: A soundhole humidifier with a stabilizer bar to fit across the strings. 

OH-5 PLUS+ for Guitar: Provides 50% more humidity output for especially dry environments

OH-6 Case Humidifier: Can be used for a variety of instruments. Attaches inside your case using a clip and magnets. For mandolins, see the OH-26.

OH-18 for Ukulele: Soundhole humidifier for ukuleles

OH-32 Ukulele X-Dry: for use with ukuleles in especially dry environments

OH-26 Mandolin Case Humidifier: specially designed for mandolin cases