Prima 9-Note D Minor Beginner Handpan

Sale price $ 899.99 Regular price $ 1,099.00

This is a 9-note beginner’s model D minor handpan.

Handpans are amazing instruments. To create one, the maker must painstakingly hammer each note into tune using a mallet. The instrument is then sent into a furnace to condition the metal. The process is then repeated until the instrument is in tune.

As this process is repeated, the metal becomes more and more stable and conditioned to remain in tune.  An entry level handpan like this one can cost substantially less than intermediate/expert handpans. The difference in price reflects the number of cycles of tuning/baking in the furnace with beginner’s handpans receiving fewer tuning/baking cycles. These beginner handpans have a great sound, though not quite as much sustain as the next level up.

This handpan includes a backpack carrying case (stand shown in one of the photos is not included).