Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Our current stock varies from what is listed here - call us for more specifics on our current stock. 

These metal singing bowls (generally used for meditation) are handpicked by our supplier on regular visits to Tibet. Wooden striker is included.

Bowls are priced by both size and weight. Bowls of the same size with a higher price are a heavier weight.

Each bowl is handmade and will have a unique appearance and fundamental pitch. 

McKinley chose Tibetan Singing Bowls as one of her Staff Picks - here's what she has to say about them! 
Despite how all of my friends tried to tell me that there was no real reason for me to buy a Tibetan singing bowl, I bought one of the larger, deeper-toned bowls as a Christmas present to myself and it has since become one of my favorite musical knick knacks. Its sound is beautiful and tangible in the same way that gongs are really satisfying to hear and feel—but they're (obviously) ten times more soothing. If I'm feeling stressed or anxious, I'll set cross-legged with my singing bowl and after about three minutes of making it ring, I'll go back to my work day feeling like I just woke up from the perfect cat nap. This has also led me to discover that they make great wedding and birthday presents for my stressed-out adult friends as well!