Woodstock Zenergy Chimes

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Just a gentle tap with the mallet and the Zenergy Chime emits a powerful tone of singular beauty that lasts and lasts. Sounds like this are often used in meditation and healing, because they help us to focus and redirect our attention to the sounds within. The resonating sound not only calms and refocuses the individual, but can also focus a group. As such, it's an effective way to start a class, meeting, yoga practice or call guests to dinner. Aluminum rods mounted on ash wood with cherry finish. Mallet included.

Solo Zenergy Chime: Single chime tuned to A above middle C.

Deep Zen Chime: Single chime has a lovely low tone that is a full octave below our Zenergy Chime - Solo.

Meditation Chime: Two chimes, purposely tuned to nearly but not quite the same pitch. When both are struck at the same time, an acoustical phenomenon known as "beating" is produced. The rods will seem to ring with the same pitch, but you will notice a distinct pulsation or rhythm in this case, approximately 12 beats per second.

Trio Chime: Three chimes, tuned to G, D, F