Hedwitschak HEDcase Bodhran Case

Regular price $ 89.99

Sturdy backpack gigbag for bodhran, available in 35, 37, 40 & 45cm diameter sizes (all fit drums up to 16cm depth). This case differs from the HEDbag in that it has a removeable tipper bag, and an additional interior sleeve for extra protection, especially if you're storing accessory items in the case. 

- The tippers will also find their home in the removable tipper bag. This can be attached to the microphone stand with a loop. So you always have the most common tippers ready with a handle!

- Bodhrán players like to stow all their luggage in the drum ;). The supplied SPB (SkinProtectionBag) not only protects the head and the inside of the drum, but also allows you to take all the odds and ends out of the drum with a flick of the wrist. 

- There is enough space in an inside and outside pocket for notes, travel documents and even an iPad!

  • Adjustable backpack straps
  • Padded handle
  • Large outside pocket
  • Large inside pocket
  • Removable tipper pocket with hanging loop
  • Removable inner bag SPB (SkinProtectionBag)
  • Lightweight construction (1050g/35cm, 1150g/40cm, 1300r/45cm)
  • Black with burgundy accents
  • Made in Spain