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Hedwitschak Bodhran Tippers

Regular price $ 78.00

We currently have only the IncrHEDible Mighty in stock. Our next order of tippers is due to arrive in late October/early November. Contact us if you would like to be notified when other models are restocked.

Tippers made by Hedwitschak Bodhrans in Germany. See descriptions below and choose your options in the drop-down menu. Selecting an option in the drop-down menu will bring up the photo of that option.

EnchantHED Tipper: ($82)
Wooden tipper. 
It is an EASY tipper, but with the playing strength of a heavy, hard tipper. Perfectly balanced, weighted teardrop head, oval handle, adjustable rubber rings in the handle area. The bass content is amazing for such a thin, light tipper! Suitable for all playing styles and fingering techniques. Made from bar ash. A hard, relatively light wood with just the right flexibility. 25cm long, weighs 25 grams.

IncrHEDible Tippers: ($78)
Hotrod-style tippers, available in either "Jazzy" or Mighty."
- Jazzy is made of 33 individually hand-selected and finely rounded walnut sticks, each 2 mm in diameter. 242mm long; weighs 29 grams.
- Mighty is made of 7 individually hand-selected and strongly rounded walnut sticks, each 5 mm in diameter, ensuring an incomparably powerful and clicky sound. 250mm long; weighs 31 grams.

HEDrod Tippers: ($34-$44)
Hotrod-style tippers with a newly designed precision control grip, featuring 3 O-rings that allow you to adjust the feel and tonality. Available in several variations:
- HEDrod HR3 Crisp($44): 28 g. Walnut sticks. Small rounding at the head end ensures a lively, treble-accentuated overall sound. Parallel rod arrangement.
- HEDrod HR3 Bold($34): 30 g. Large rounding at the head end ensures a round, depth-accentuated overall sound. Parallel rod arrangement. 
- HEDrod HR3 Bamboo($34): 29 g. Every single bamboo stick is rounded all around. Bamboo sounds a bit "bolder, more jazzy" than beech. Parallel rod arrangement.
- HEDrod HR4($34): 23 g. Very "clicky" and light Hedrod. Rotated rod arrangement.
- HEDrod HR5 Crisp($34): 25 g. Walnut sticks. Very powerful, lively and loud HedRod. Rotated rod arrangement.
- HEDrod HR5 Bold($34): 27 gr. Very powerful, bass-oriented and loud HedRod. Rotated rod arrangement.
- HEDrod Uni($44): The one-for-all 2-in-1 tipper / hot rod. 30 grams.