Hedwitschak HEDge Synthetic-Head Bodhran

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The HEDge bodhran is a completely synthetic (vegan!) model developed by Hedwitschak. It features a 14-inch REMO Skyntone® drumhead, which can easily be swapped out for ANY standard 14-inch drumhead, making it easy to tailor your own individual sounds. All of this with a highly innovative head change system that allows for a quick and tool-free head change. No animal products (such as beeswax) are used in the frame, glue, or surface material.


  • 40x14cm
  • concave figured ash frame
  • retainer inlays of wenge wood
  • isolatHED compressor tuning system
  • HEDge universal REMO Skyntone® drumhead
  • tool-less tuning 
  • tool-less head change

By using the worldwide industry standard for mounting, any 14 inch drumhead available in music stores can be used. The possibilities are therefore endless. Do you want a deep, attack-heavy sound with short sustain, like a compressed heavy metal bass drum? How about a sound that is tonally close to goatskin? Do you want to try timpani-style calfskin sound?  How about a virtually silent practice head? These are just a few of the possibilities!

Every HEDge comes with a HEDge Universal REMO Skyntone® Drumhead. These were taped by Christian Hedwitschak with a special technique and produce an individual, balanced sound. Synthetic heads are characterized by high tuning stability even under extreme climatic conditions.

All the parts of the concave frame of the HEDge are made of solid figured ash in a sustainable nose-to-tail philosophy. This means that an entire trunk is completely made use of. By innovative design and state-of-the-art CNC production technology, high-quality drum rings are made even from small pieces of off-cuts. The jigsaw puzzle-like wooden joints which were developed for this purpose not only ensure maximum stability, but they also look very decorative.

The dark inlays in the main frame are made of extremely hard Wenge wood.
This is where traditional craftsmanship, expertise and contemporary production technology come together to create a coherent musical instrument of the highest standard.