Hedwitschak SNARE carpHED for Bodhran

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An effect device for bodhran, by the makers of Hedwitschak drums!

Depending on the playing technique, pressure, position and point of impact, more or less snare drum-like (snarling) effects can be reproduced. 

The SNARE carpHED can be fixed either to two fingers or to the thumb, depending on the player's wishes. The flexible Velcro loops can be quickly and easily adjusted to any hand size. 

The soft inside of the straps allows a comfortable playing feeling and allows the SNARE carpHED to be removed and re-attached easily. 

By placing the SNARE carpHED on the drum head (tilting movement), either a continuous effect or selective accentuation can be achieved even with complex rhythms. Pitch modulation with the skin hand remains possible despite the effect! The SNARE carpHED always sounds pleasantly discreet and blends in wonderfully with the overall sound.

Have fun exploring the countless possibilities of the SNARE carpHED!

The SNARE carpHED is a joint development by Stevie Moises, Rolf Wagels and Christian Hedwitschak.