Accordion Bass Straps

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These straps are high-demand items and we can frequently be out of stock. You can use the drop-down menu above to see which straps are currently available (we try to keep this as accurate as possible, but sometimes our manual inventory isn't 100% perfect). Our supplier is still shipping at this time, but orders often take several weeks to arrive. Please be patient.

About sizing: choosing the right size often takes a bit of guesswork. We generally cannot provide much guidance on which strap you'll need, other than offering the specific measurements below. If the strap you purchase does not fit your accordion, you may return it (in original condition) for a refund or exchange, but shipping costs are not refundable. We recommend searching "bass strap accordion replacement" on youtube for further guidance.

These straps attach to the bass end (left hand side) of a piano accordion. They come with hardware on both ends (adjustment screw is approx. 0.18" in diameter). All are black in color. Please read descriptions below of various models & sizes, and measure carefully. Choose the model number and size that best matches your old strap. Sometimes choosing the right size takes a bit of guesswork. You may return/exchange your strap if it doesn't fit (shipping costs are not refunded).

Size information: measurements are from one end of the leather strap to the other end; not including the hardware. Measurements are approximate as these straps are handmade.

  • Full: 20 7/8 inches
  • Ladies: 19 1/4 inches
  • Medium: 17 inches
  • Small: 15 3/4 inches

Strap Models:

  • #308: velvet-covered, 3 inches wide at widest point. Comes in Full size only. $54.
  • #461: has a velvet-like covering. 2.25" wide at widest point. Comes in Full & Ladies. $54
  • #300: cushioned & leather-lined. 2" wide at widest point. Comes in Full, Ladies & Medium. $50.40.
  • #311: cushioned & leather-lined. 1.5" wide at widest point. Comes in Full, Ladies, Medium & Small. $47.40
  • #316: for 12-bass accordions; strap length is 38.5 cm. Cushioned & leather-lined, 1.5" wide at widest point. $31.20