Vega Little Wonder Banjo-Mandolin, nylon strings (used)

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Vintage Vega Little Wonder banjo-mandolin. This came to us from a large estate collection and was strung with 4 nylon strings. We thought it gave a cool banjo-uke sound with fifths tuning (GDAE), so we elected to leave it as-is. You could certainly restring with standard 8 steel strings (new bridge & additional setup adjustments might be needed, in that case).

14.5" scale length, 1 1/16" nut width, 9 1/2 inch pot diameter, Remo head. The serial number 34453 on the stick would mean 1916, but there's also an illegible scrawled number on the pot that may or may not match, so it could be a little frankensteined. Chipboard case included that's a bit big for the pot, but provides some protection. 

Good condition overall - significant cosmetic wear, but decently playable. Shipping is $40 within the continental US.