4/4 Violin, German, Unlabeled, 19th Century (used)

Regular price $ 1,350.00

Interesting unlabeled full-size violin, German-made, mid-late 19th century, maker unknown. One-piece back, light figure, matching ribs, fairly Stradivarian outline. Fairly plain wood, shows its age with surface scrapes and dings, but mature, rich tone.

Fully reconditioned: regraduated top, new bass bar, bridge, post and fittings 2016. All cracks and woodworm damage fully and elegantly repaired, including inlaid soundpost patch. Older work includes pegbox bushings, button graft and neck graft, very properly done and secure.

Professionally set up to proper specs with new Zyex synthetic core strings with Gold Label E. Great tone production for the price! Guaranteed 90 days for structural integrity and playability by luthier-owner. Sold cosmetically as is. Shipping is $50 within the continental US.

This violin does not include a case (or bow). If you would like this violin shipped to you, we highly encourage purchasing a case to ensure safe shipping. Contact us for current options.