Dusty Strings D650 Hammered Dulcimer (used)

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Dusty Strings D650 chromatic hammered dulcimer, made in 2010. Excellent condition: no major cosmetic flaws, structurally sound with no warping. Includes padded soft case, gooseneck tuning wrench, single sided wood hammers & tuning guide.

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  • 4½ octaves overall range
  • solid sapele soundboard and back
  • traditional 5th-interval tuning
  • 3½ octave chromatic range
  • 19/18 configuration with a 9 course superbass bridge
The D650 is the ultimate chromatic hammered dulcimer. Built on the same body as the D600, it extends the range downward to 4½ octaves while maintaining the fully chromatic range of 3½ octaves. With the standard tuning of the D650, the lowest seven courses of the supberbass bridge mirror the lowest seven courses of the bass bridge, but an octave lower. Just think of the possibilities for accurate low bass accompaniment!

Another big benefit of the D650 is that you have some options for re-tuning if your arrangement requires an accidental note other than what is available with the standard tuning. Raising or lowering a note by a half step is no problem, giving you great flexibility for tuning and arranging.