Pilgrim Harps Clarsach 34-string Nylon Lever Harp (used)

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Clarsach model 34-string harp by Pilgrim Harps (UK). Though the term "clarsach" often denotes a wire-strung harp, please note that this is a nylon string model! It has 34 strings, range 1st A to 6th C. Full sharping levers. It has the string spacing and tension of a pedal harp. 

The previous owner purchased this new in 1989, and switched to a larger Steen harp a couple years later - so it has not been played much. Strings are still in usable condition, and the harp is structurally sound. Soft case, tuning key and extra strings are included.

The Clarsach is a performance lever harp originally commissioned by the legendary Derek Bell MBE, celebrated harpist with The Chieftains. Made since 1980, today it is firmly established as one of the most sought after and prized Celtic harps the world over. The Clarsach is also the ideal first harp for a young harpist who will one day want to play the classical harp, as the string tension and spacing on both are the same.

Approximate dimensions:
Height:109cm, 43in
Extreme Width: 69cm, 27in
Weight: 8.2kg, 18lbs