The Waltz Book

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As recommended by our teacher Tom Espinola - Many musicians have praised the wonderful tune selection ("finally -- a music book where I enjoy almost every single tune!"), the clear notation, a layout that makes it easy for several musicians to read off the same book, chord symbols for backup musicians, and the heavy-duty spiral binding. Beginning and closet musicians have found the tunes inspiring, slower and easier than jigs or reels, and very rewarding for the time and effort invested.

51 beautiful waltzes, including:

April Waltz — Selma Kaplan
Ashokan Farewell — Jay Ungar
Enrichez Vous — Edith Farrar
Far Away — Pete Jung
Gentle Maiden
Great Waltz of China — Mark Simos
High Clouds — David Kaynor
Judy and Jim's Wedding
Midnight on the Water
Nancy's Waltz — Chris Romaine
Sheebeg and Sheemore — O'Carolan
Sweet Journeys — George Wilson
Utpick Waltz
Valse des Jouets


  • special section on creating your own piano accompaniment from chord symbols and melody line
  • notes for melody players on how to harmonize waltzes
  • Also see Waltz Book II, Book III and Book IV.